History of Sarti

So here, the Greek refugees who were expelled from the Marmara Sea of ​​Asia Minor in December 1922 decided to establish one of the 27 new villages of Halkidiki, a new homeland with the nostalgic name of the old, New Abessia. Christmas Eve of 1924 arrived from Lavrio, which had left the ship after the persecution, the first families and were housed in the buildings of the Metochi for almost two years facing hunger and malaria until the houses that would house themselves and the their dreams for a new beginning. Metohi of the Holy Monastery of Xeropotamos a historic building for the place! Lived 70 families, two and three in a cell. The rooms a few in Metohi to house all the families who came to the area. They shared an oven, a kitchen, a fireplace ...... and the view ...... Later there was the primary school where the new school was housed until the village was built. In a few decades, they transformed the inhospitable but also charming nature into a picturesque fishing village and later to a top choice tourist destination. The 21st century will find the region, touristy mature and always beautiful, welcoming people from all over the world every summer and generously offering them what they all expect, the authentic Greek hospitality! Sarti is a place blessed.